Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

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In the first of a two-part post, I will be looking at the amazing style on display thanks to the release of the final instalment of the Batman trilogy. 

Not too long ago, I went to see The Dark Knight Rises.  Now, I've had several debates on the overall rating of the film (which I believe is a 6.5 out of 10; definitely not worthy of the hype surrounding it) but one thing I can agree on with the people I've had discussions with, is that the wardrobe was outstanding. For me two characters stood out in particular these being Bane and Lucius Fox. 

The classic villain, Bane had a air of charm about him, which was partly down to his choice of clothing. Lindy Hemming, the films costume designer opted for  military/ Euorpean revolutionary to depict Bane, a trend I suspect many men will be adhering to this Autumn/Winter.
What was originally meant to be a Barbour waxed jacket, Hemming instead opted for a heavier Belstaff Roadmaster jacket and painted over the hardware to give a more worn out look befitting for a European mercenary. Those looking to recreate this look Barbour do a cheaper version.

This shearling coat is undoubtably the single most desired piece in the entire film and everything about it screams authority. Shearling was big in Fall 2010 but it seems since the screening of Dark Knight a lot of people are rekindling their fondness of the trend. The coat was custom made but replicas have been created by brands such as Ermenegildo Zenga (Right) and Belstaff (Below). 

For a less dramatic look, I would suggest a shearling collared pea coat such as this Midnight Melton A.P.C jacket.
When asked about Fox and his choice of clothing, Hemming likened the character to a wealthy professor. A quintessential sartorialist the attire donned by the CEO of Wayne's Enterprise was predominantly provided by Paul Stuart and Carroll and Co. 

The sartorial look is one that is edging its way into urban fashion. Many young men are starting to warm to the idea of dressing with sophistication. Mixing and matching casual and smarter fitted pieces brings the look to a modern era.
Below are some examples of today's leading Sartorialists...

Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl and Scott Disick looking very traditional and dapper in their suits (above) while Mos Def and Sam Lambert (below) go for quirky and suave in their updated Black Ivy looks. 


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