Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Tangled Up In Blue...

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The masquerade themed third episode of The Originals has been the best yet. There was glitz, glam and fireworks along with twists and turns (and I'm not just talking about the ball). There was even a little romance brewing, which the show has been missing until now. 

Elijah and Rebekah attend the masquerade ball ready to stir up trouble.

In the most recent instalment we got to see Klever Klaus scheme his way into convincing Marcel to return his captivated brother Elijah. Of course it wouldn't be Klaus' plan if somebody didn't get double crossed and killed. Cue Katie a poor innocent witch in love with not just any vampire but Thierry, Marcel's right hand man.  With the help of Sophie Devereaux, Klaus and Rebekah use this bit of info to trick Katie into performing magic to save her loved one, knowing full well that the practising of magic in the quarter is a crime punishable by death. 

Marcel hears the news of Katie and Thierry.

The tragic story of the star-crossed lovers merely serves as a distraction from Sophie performing a locater spell to find the whereabouts of Davina and Elijah. Sadly, before Sophie can complete the spell Klaus kills Katie to prove his loyalty to Marcel and win back Elijah.

A worried Katie seeks help from Sophie.

Just as it looks as though Klaus has won the war, Davina steps in to remind Marcel that the original family are a threat and she will not let Elijah go until she figures out a way to kill them all. 
We also got to see the conception of another plot-line concerning baby mamma Hayley and her spawn; a supernatural loophole. Turns out this mini hybrid could be the beginning of an even bigger war...

My fave look of the episode has to be this angel costume worn by Cami. She looked absolutely stunning and is giving me some inspo for this year's Halloween. 


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