Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Hart of Dixie Closet Roundup...

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Hart of Dixie is back which means lots of lush looks from Zoe Hart and Co. Though I'd start off with my fave looks from Dr Hart herself from the second episode of season 2.

The episode began with Zoe trying entice Joel to stay by giving him a tour of all the great local attractions in BlueBell.
Blouse: Madwell
Skirt: Madwell
Necklace: Nashell
Heels: Marni
Bag: Carven

The day ended with Lavon and AnnaBeth threw a welcoming dinner party for Zoe's new boyfriend.
Dress: Three Floor
Heels: Tabitha Simmons
Necklace: Lionette 

Zoe added this cropped Asos embroidered jacket to her dinner party ensemble.


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