Sunday, 29 January 2012

Happy 100th GG. xoxo

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Gossip Girl is back tomorrow night with its 100th episode. I'm actually quite surprised to be honest because for a few seasons it was lagging but season 5 has been enjoyable for me.  I have a feeling that there is going to be an almighty twist tomorrow because everybody knows that Blair will NOT go through with the wedding. Luckily we still get to see the wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses which are all by Vera Wang.

I love these dresses especially Serena's. I've decided this is what I want my bridesmaids to wear at my wedding minus the tights and black waistbands! 

This gown isn't what I imagined Blair would wear, Blair is referred to as Queen B so I would have imagined a slimmer fitting dress, something elegant and similar to Princess Kate's, with pulled back hair, but this still looks amazing, she looks like she's stepped out of a fairytale. 


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