Friday, 30 December 2011

New Year... New Trends

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My friend suggested I make a post on my style predictions for 2012 but to be honest I'm not good at making predictions for trends so instead I conducted a mini survey to see what trends people would like to see appear in 2012. The majority of respondents shared a common liking to going old school, 70s/80s/90s...

1. Dungarees:

Dunagrees (Sold Out): Stella McCartney 
Blouse: Alexa Chung for Madwell
Ballet Pumps (similar): Topshop

This trend is often seen on stars like Alex Chung and Selma Blair. Go long in the winter, with a long sleeve chiffon top or oversized sweater and short in the summer with a baggy tee. I would love to see this trend come back, the only issue is it doesn't seem to be a wearable trend for all dress sizes. High street outlets to browse for this trend would be Asos and Lee.

2.  Socks and Heels
I like this trend because it can make an outfit look a lot more casual and less "perfect". It has an effortless appeal.

3. Versace Shirt
One trend I found very interesting to hear was the silk shirt...for men. Men's fashion has really come leaps and bounds this decade and this is proof. It was first pioneered in the late 80s early 90s with the likes of Notorious BIG and it has now been revived by stars Drake and Tyga.

4. Patchwork:

I can see this trend being big in the future, especially with the recent popularity of aztec and navajo.

A trend I would definitely like to see this coming year is the return on the bohemian hippie look. A look championed by Nicole Ritchie and Isabel Lucas, its effortless and feminine.


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