Sunday, 3 August 2014


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Summer '14 is well under way and the hair trend of the season is of course 'The Bob'. Always a style staple this year its about the awkward length - you know too short for a hair tie but too long to be considered a pixie cut.

 Here's a few celebs who've gone for the big chop and are really persuading me to follow suit...
My current fave Hairspo has to be the one and only Lara Bingle! We're used to seeing her with medium length hair but this new look she's rocking is definitely making her stand out from the crowd. I love how awkward the length is and how blunt the chop is. Uber chic!

Since starring in American Horror Story: Coven, Emma Roberts' star has been steadily rising and she is fast becoming a Style Supreme. Ditching the overused long blonde beachy waves for an edgier angled bob is doing wonders for shedding Roberts' Girl Next Door image.

I'm loving off Kylie Jenner right now! She's chopped off her 'Baby Kardashian' image just by chopping a few inches off her mane! She served as a serious Hairspo on Tumblr when she had the blue dip-dyed hair but my fave look of hers is her most recent - jet black. Makes her look ultra sophisticated. 90s Baby!

So I'm cheating with this one as this isn't Ciara's most recent look but it's my fave! Ciara has come a long way in the style department since she first stepped on the scene. She's developed a sense of sophistication and her wigs are giving me life right now! I'm seriously considering opting for the shorter bob on the right. If I bottle it then I'm defo going to go for the safer cut on the left!


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