Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Before There Was Sex, Before There Was The City...

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I finally got round to watching The Carrie Diaries and the verdict is in...
 I LOVE the 'new Carrie Bradshaw'.

Big bouncy curls, an eclectic wardrobe and a flare for writing; yes it's Carrie by name but its not our Carrie by nature, which is why I found myself constantly thinking "Carrie wouldn't do that" but the reality is Bradshaw circa 1984 is not the same Bradshaw circa 1998. The Carrie Diaries is not Sex and the City. That being said, I love the youthfulness and slight innocence of 16 year old Carrie I'm interested to see what happens during Miss Bradshaw's teenage years that turn her from this suburban teen into the iconic, shoe obsessed, New Yorker.

I've never been a fan of 80s fashion, so the wardrobe on The Carrie Diaries isn't one that I'm excited by but I did see a few impressive pieces.

Number one has to be THAT bag. It is the ultimate statement bag.
This customised Marc Cross bag is an instant classic!

 I love the floral Topshop jeans and Opening Ceremony top Carrie wore on her first day back at school. 

This is my fave outfit of the series premiere. The gorgeous floral blouse is by 10 Crosby Derek Lam and the bermuda shorts by Topshop. 

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  1. I'm loving this show too! Regardless of the inconsistencies, I love that we get to see a younger Carrie and see how she became the fab icon she is now (I'm saying this as if she is a real person lmao but you get what I mean) I love 80s fashion and I've loved a lot of the outfits I've seen so far. Love that bag! Good post xoxo