Wednesday, 16 January 2013

And So It Begins...

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Awards season is upon us which means lots of celebrities looking their best... and a select few looking their worst.  So let's begin with the People's Choice Awards....


Having just split from Harry Styles from 1D, Taylor Swift was on a mission to show him what he was missing and boy did she show him in this Ralph Lauren gown. Featuring a plunging neckline its no wonder the press are dubbing it the "Revenge Dress".

Chloe Moretz shone bright like a daisy in this Simone Rocha dress, teamed with these sophisticated Casadei pumps. Honestly, for just 15 she has some serious style credentials. In a style-off with Miss Alexa Chung (BFA: 2013), I definitely think Chloe took lead.

Now some publications no names (cough, cough Daily Mail) are suggesting Katy Perry made a style mishap wearing this Valentino dress but I think the opposite. It's very rare to see Katy looking demure and sweet. Usually over the top (which I love), Katy instead opted for vintage inspiration and I for one think it paid off. This dress has officially been added to my wish list!
Along with being on my Best Dressed List,  Katy deserves the Best Hair & Makeup award too! I love the gold leaf headband incorporated with the halo braid hairstyle. Along with her flawless bronzed face Katy achieves that understated, earthy, angelic look so many of us try to accomplish.

I think Lea Michele hired a new stylist because for once, she actually got it right. In head to toe hot pink Elie Saab, Lea looks cute. That being said, I wish she did something different with her hair (right). It looks like my hair before I get my weave sewn in; NOT cute!


Jenny, Jenny, Jenny! 
Sigh, Miss Lawrence looks like she's just finished on Dancing On Ice and ran straight to the red carpet. Bat wings, shimmer and mesh??? This Valentino Couture dress is all kinds of wrong. Very surprising as Jennifer is usually a winner in the fashion stakes.

Now I dont hate this dress at all. In fact I really like it. My issue is with Jennifer Anniston IN that dress. Props to her for trying something different but she isn't exactly a spring chicken. Leather overkill at her age is a little cringe.


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