Monday, 16 January 2012

Young Faces of Fashion Cont...

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No.2...Chloe Moretz

At just 14 years old Chloe has been in over 25 films. She is probably most famous for playing Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass 2010. Although she's been around since the age of 7, she has only just begun to appear in style mags and websites. She dresses quite mature which makes sense because she's had to grow up a lot faster than most. A lot of what she wears I could actually see myself wearing too.

She rocked this Alexander McQueen dress better than most celebs.

The print and colour on this Christopher Kane dress gives it a young vibe.

I would never have considered wearing a velvet until now.

No. 3...Elle Fanning

Elle is only 13 and she's already made it into the best dressed lists of 2011. Her and her sister Dakota are taking Hollywood by storm as the new Mary-Kate & Ashley. What I love about Elle's style is that it's unique and slightly awkward. Its very feminine without trying too hard.


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